Emtech has two production departments:

CNC Components

Here we produce mechanical components with use of CNC milling and turning machines.
Components are mainly made of aluminium alloys, stainless steels, plastic and ferro and non-ferro alloys. Surface treatments are outsourced to reliable selected partners. Glass pearl blasting is done in house. We use CAD/CAM software in order to develop the CNC programs faster, smarter and at the same time increase the up-time of the machines.

In an overview, our services include:


The assembly department is project driven. Here we plan, build and test the production of complete assemblies as per client specifications.

For each assembly type we make a detailed time/resource planning for acquiring the different types of components and services:

With the in-time delivery of all parts, the assemblies are manufactured in accordance with a dedicated production procedure and planning showing each different step, mounting specifications and control/test steps. Quality checks are made throughout the building process in accordance with the quality check list. Packing is customised for each assembly in order to safeguard the product during the transport to its final destination. Labelling of the products and packing is done as developed together with the client.

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