2016  Investment of €250.000

in 2016 EMTECH invested €250.000 in improving the quality of the working environment and general environment next to increasing also further its competences by the new CNC milling center proving even higher precision. Machines are equipped with oil mist filters to provide good quality of working environment. We installed 40 KW of solar panels and invested in modern sun-protection system for the building, in order to save energy for the chiller and A/C units.

2014-2015  EU Investment project of €500.000

In 2014 and 2015 EMTECH invested about €500.000 in two new CNC machines, sawing machine, 3D CMM, other systems and software. With this project EMTECH increased its CNC capacity with 25% and its quality level.

January 2013 Inauguration of new facility

On April 23rd 2013 the new facility of EMTECH was inaugurated. The inauguration ceremony was done by the Dutch Ambassador, his Excellency Matthijs van Bonzel together with the Vice Mayor of Codlea Mr. Urdea Virgil and the owner and General Manager of Emtech Mr. Erik van Geffen.

For this happening about 50 people participated. Next to the staff of Emtech delegations of clients and suppliers were present.

The new facility comprises a total floor space of 1400 m2, partly productions areas and office areas. All areas are provided with HVAC systems and include the latest technology regarding IT/communication and information systems. The visitors could also see the brand new 4-ax milling centre, just put in service. The total investment reached 1 million Euro.


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